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Jeep Comanche Pictures :)

1986 Jeep Comanche Ad.

1986 jeep comanche

1986 Jeep Comanche


1987 jeep comanche

1987 Jeep Comanche

My Jeep Comanche! I am always working on improving it..

Year: 1987
Type: Sport
Engine: 4.0L High Output (1991)
Lift: Stock

1989 Jeep Comanche

Cool Jeep!

Year: 1989
Type: Pioneer
Engine: 4.0L
Lift: Stock

1989 Jeep Comanche

This is a picture of an MJ I received through email. Saaaa sweet!

Year: 1989
Type: Unknown
Engine: Unknown
Lift: 3"


This Comanche was emailed to us from an enthusiast and this is what he had to say!

"Jason, here is an old shot of the 88 Olympic edition Comanche I was telling you about I will get a better shot of it without all the junk on it. I paid $600.00 bucks for it and it only has 58,000 miles on it....... I have installed tow hooks on this truck but modified the original factory install so you don't have to cut holes in the lower air dam. They may be good pics for a Tech Page and it's really easy too."

Thanks Jay Handzel!


black comanche

Jeep Comanche Laredo 92 fully original


1985 Jeep Comanche, (Original MJ Concept/Prototype) This truck was the 30th MJ off the block when Jeep first rolled out it's Comanche concept, before they were "official" in 1986. It's birth was chasing Baja trucks for the 1000, and if I have my way, it will be returning! It has the optional 2.8L, 173 CI, V6 from the 86 models, the uni-body design (of course), and beefy tube framing on the entire frame. A custom front and rear bumper, and skid plates protecting the gas tank and front end... I'm probably going to pre-runner the whole thing... while trying to keep it original as possible. (I say that now...) It's already seen it's share of off-road abuse from me, and despite needing a tune-up, floats like a boat on water, and actually crawls around pretty well too! So far only 49,000 original miles... I couldn't be happier.

jeep comanche white


1992, 2x4. I bought it about 8 months ago ( it's my first car, and my baby!) the girl I bought it from called it i changed that right away to Elvis

1986 Jeep Comanche Custom. It has the 2.8 L GM motor in it. I have put a 2 in lift on it now. It also has a straight pipe stack coming out the side of the body and up beside the bed.

I am going to add new tires to it sometime, ill try and send pics whenever i do. I am attaching pictures of before and after the lift.

1986 jeep comanche

jeep comanche


1991 "sport truck" edition, so its only two wheel drive, and i want to convert it to a 4 wheel drive, its the four cylinder and a four speed, so what do you recommend doing to convert it? everyone tells me not to do it because its such a pain, but i love this truck and its in such good condition, its got two dents to get pulled, 59,000 miles, and the interior is in mint condition.

1991 jeep comanche


This is my 1988 Comanche. the love of my life. the original owner kept it really clean. i added a three inch lift, new cherokee wheels, tailight covers, and i have a set of 30x11.50 super swampers and i just added the brushguard. the picture on the hill was when i first got it. it was very clean before i started wheelin it but its still in good condition with a few added scratches.

desert comanche

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